The 9 Friendliest States According to Americans Ranked


In a country as vast and diverse as the United States, friendliness can take on different forms and be measured in various ways. From warm smiles to helpful neighbors, every state has its unique charm. However, some states stand out for their welcoming spirit, genuine hospitality, and a sense of community that makes residents and visitors alike feel right at home. In this blog post, we will explore the 9 friendliest states according to Americans, ranked in order of their reputation for hospitality and congeniality.

  1. Hawaii: Aloha Spirit All AroundKnown for its breathtaking landscapes and warm climate, Hawaii is also famous for its Aloha spirit. The locals’ friendliness and welcoming nature make it a top choice for anyone seeking a relaxing and welcoming environment.
  2. Tennessee: Southern Hospitality in AbundanceWhen it comes to Southern hospitality, Tennessee leads the pack. The warm and friendly folks in cities like Nashville, Memphis, and Chattanooga are known for their kind gestures and friendly demeanor.
  3. South Carolina: The Palmetto State’s CharmSouth Carolina’s nickname is “The Palmetto State,” and it’s just as charming as it sounds. From the historic streets of Charleston to the stunning beaches, the state’s residents are known for their hospitality.
  4. Louisiana: Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler (Let the Good Times Roll)Louisiana, with its vibrant culture, jazz music, and incredible cuisine, is a hub of friendliness. The laissez-faire attitude is evident in the warm welcome you’ll receive from locals.
  5. Minnesota: The Land of 10,000 Lakes and Even More SmilesThe people of Minnesota are renowned for their friendly and down-to-earth nature. The state’s natural beauty, including its numerous lakes, contributes to the welcoming environment.
  6. Kentucky: The Bluegrass State’s Southern CharmKentucky’s picturesque landscapes, including its famous horse farms, are rivaled only by the friendliness of its residents. The state’s southern charm and warmhearted people make it a standout.
  7. North Carolina: A State with a Heart of GoldNorth Carolina offers stunning beaches, lush mountains, and some of the friendliest people in the nation. The locals take pride in their welcoming attitudes and community spirit.
  8. Oklahoma: Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the PlainOklahoma, often associated with its vast prairies and Native American heritage, is also home to a friendly and welcoming population. The state’s strong sense of community is evident throughout.
  9. Texas: Everything’s Bigger in FriendlinessEverything truly is bigger in Texas, including the warmth of its people. Whether you’re exploring the cultural melting pot of Houston or the scenic beauty of Austin, you’ll find that Texans are quick to lend a helping hand.


While these 9 states have been ranked as the friendliest in the eyes of many Americans, it’s important to remember that friendliness can be found in every corner of the United States. The diverse cultures and regions across the country offer unique opportunities for connection and camaraderie. So, whether you find yourself in the heart of Dixie or the beauty of the Aloha State, one thing remains consistent – the United States is a nation that welcomes all with open arms and a warm smile. Remember that friendliness is not limited to a specific location; it’s an attitude that can be found everywhere, if you take the time to look for it.

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