Simone Biles’ vault given record difficulty value by gymnastics federation


Simone Biles, the world-renowned American gymnast, has continuously pushed the boundaries of what is considered possible in gymnastics. Her dedication, hard work, and incredible talent have not only earned her numerous medals but also an enduring legacy in the sport. In recent years, Biles has set herself apart through her extraordinary ability to perform groundbreaking routines, and her vault is no exception. In this blog post, we’ll explore Simone Biles’ record-breaking vault and its unprecedented difficulty value, granted by the gymnastics federation.

The Vault That Changed the Game

Simone Biles’ vault, known as the “Biles,” has taken the gymnastics world by storm. In 2018, she introduced a Yurchenko half-on, double-twisting front layout (Amanar) in the vault category, pushing the boundaries of what gymnasts had previously attempted. This vault was awarded a Difficulty (D) score of 6.4, the highest possible difficulty score for a vault routine. To put this into perspective, the Amanar was once considered one of the most challenging vaults, with a D score of 5.8. Simone’s version, however, surpassed even this level of difficulty.

Breaking Down the Biles

To understand the complexity of Simone Biles’ vault, let’s break it down into its key elements:

  1. Yurchenko Entry: The vault begins with a Yurchenko entry, in which the gymnast performs a round-off onto the springboard followed by a back handspring onto the vaulting table. This technique allows for a powerful takeoff.
  2. Double Twist: What sets the Biles apart is the double-twisting element, which Simone executes with incredible precision. The gymnast rotates her body twice in the air while maintaining perfect form.
  3. Front Layout: Instead of the more common back layout seen in vaults like the Amanar, Simone performs a front layout, adding an extra layer of difficulty to the routine.
  4. Height and Distance: Simone Biles’ vault is not only remarkable for its complexity but also for the height and distance she achieves during her execution. This combination of factors is what earned it the coveted 6.4 D-score.

Why the Record Difficulty Value Matters

The Difficulty score in gymnastics plays a pivotal role in a gymnast’s overall score. It reflects the complexity and risk associated with a routine. In the case of the vault, a higher D-score rewards gymnasts who attempt more challenging elements. Simone Biles’ record-breaking D-score of 6.4 for the Biles vault showcases her fearless pursuit of excellence.

Simone’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in gymnastics has not only cemented her status as a legend but has also set a new standard for future generations of gymnasts. Her vault not only amazes audiences but also inspires young athletes to dream big and work hard to achieve the extraordinary.

A Testament to Courage

Simone Biles’ record-breaking vault is not just a demonstration of exceptional skill but also a testament to her unwavering courage. Throughout her career, Biles has faced and conquered challenges, both on and off the mat. Her fearless approach to gymnastics has not only reshaped the sport but has also broken down barriers and shattered preconceived notions about what a gymnast can achieve.


Simone Biles’ Biles vault, with its unprecedented Difficulty value, is a dazzling example of her commitment to excellence and the impact she has had on the world of gymnastics. Her pursuit of perfection and courage to go where no gymnast has gone before make her a true inspiration to athletes around the world. As we look to the future of gymnastics, we can’t help but wonder what incredible feats she’ll achieve next and how her legacy will continue to influence the sport. Simone Biles has truly redefined the game and will be remembered as one of the greatest gymnasts of all time.

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