10 Funniest Far Side Comics Showing Viking Obsession


Welcome to the whimsical world of The Far Side comics, where Gary Larson’s unparalleled wit and imagination take center stage. In this article, we embark on a hilarious journey through ten of the funniest Far Side comics that showcase an undying obsession with Vikings. From their pillaging antics to their quirky lifestyles, these comics brilliantly capture the essence of Viking culture in the most comedic light. So, grab your horned helmets and get ready to chuckle your way through this Viking-themed adventure!

The Viking’s Lament: A Tale of Misunderstood Priorities

In this side-splitting comic, Larson ingeniously portrays a Viking ship captain lamenting the lack of proper accommodations for his crew. With a hilarious twist, the captain prioritizes luxuries like a hot tub over essentials like sails, epitomizing the Viking penchant for comfort amidst conquest.

Viking Parenting 101: Nurturing the Next Generation of Conquerors

Larson delves into the unconventional world of Viking parenting, depicting a proud Viking father coaching his son on the art of raiding. With exaggerated humor, the comic humorously highlights the absurdity of grooming youngsters for a life of plunder and adventure.

The Viking Dentist: Bravery Beyond Battles

In this uproarious comic, Larson introduces us to the fearless Viking dentist, who fearlessly tends to his patient’s dental woes amidst the chaos of battle. With a blend of bravery and absurdity, this comic showcases the Vikings’ unique approach to healthcare in the most unconventional settings.

Viking High Fashion: Pillaging in Style

Larson explores the fashion-forward side of Viking culture in this rib-tickling comic. With a Viking warrior sporting a horned helmet adorned with flowers, the comic pokes fun at the Vikings’ penchant for mixing practicality with flair, proving that even raiders have an eye for style.

Viking Family Reunion: Bloodlines and Battle Lines

In this comic masterpiece, Larson humorously portrays a Viking family reunion, complete with feuds, boasts, and a chaotic display of Viking pride. With exaggerated characters and witty dialogue, the comic offers a hilarious glimpse into the tumultuous dynamics of Viking familial gatherings.

The Viking Chef: Culinary Conquests

Prepare for a culinary adventure in this comic as Larson introduces us to the Viking chef, who fearlessly experiments with unconventional ingredients like swords and shields in his quest to conquer the kitchen. With culinary chaos and comedic calamity, this comic celebrates the Vikings’ boldness in every aspect of life.

Viking Seafaring: Navigating the High Seas with Quirkiness

In this comic gem, Larson humorously depicts a Viking crew navigating stormy seas with the aid of unconventional navigational tools like a giant magnet. With a blend of absurdity and ingenuity, the comic celebrates the Vikings’ adventurous spirit and their knack for improvisation in the face of adversity.

The Viking Pet Shop: Conquering Creatures

Enter the eccentric world of Viking pet ownership in this comic, where Larson introduces us to a Viking warrior proudly showcasing his ferocious pet duck. With playful humor, the comic highlights the Vikings’ unique bond with their animal companions and their penchant for embracing the unexpected.

Viking Fortune Telling: Predicting Pillages and Plunders

In this comic delight, Larson takes us on a whimsical journey into the world of Viking fortune-telling, where a mystic Viking warrior foretells the outcomes of future raids with the aid of unconventional divination methods like reading entrails. With comedic flair, the comic celebrates the Vikings’ belief in fate and their quirky rituals.

Viking Retirement: Raiding into the Sunset

Larson concludes our Viking adventure with a hilarious portrayal of Viking retirement, where elderly warriors set sail into the sunset with walking sticks in hand and a spirit of adventure in their hearts. With a touch of poignancy and a whole lot of humor, the comic bids farewell to our Viking companions in the most uproarious fashion.


As we bid adieu to our Viking comrades and their uproarious antics, we’re reminded of the timeless appeal of Gary Larson’s Far Side comics. Through wit, humor, and a healthy dose of absurdity, Larson invites us to embrace the quirks and eccentricities of Viking culture, leaving us with laughter echoing in our hearts and a newfound appreciation for the absurdities of life.


1. Were Vikings really as eccentric as depicted in these comics? While the Far Side comics exaggerate certain aspects of Viking culture for comedic effect, they do capture the adventurous spirit and unconventional behavior often associated with the Vikings.

2. Did Vikings actually wear horned helmets? Contrary to popular belief, historical evidence suggests that Vikings did not wear horned helmets. The horned helmet is a myth perpetuated by artistic interpretations and has no basis in historical accuracy.

3. How did Vikings view humor and comedy? Vikings appreciated humor and storytelling, often incorporating comedic elements into their sagas and oral traditions. While their sense of humor may have differed from modern standards, they valued wit and cleverness.

4. What inspired Gary Larson to create Viking-themed Far Side comics? Gary Larson drew inspiration from various sources, including historical anecdotes, cultural stereotypes, and his own imagination. The Viking-themed comics reflect Larson’s fascination with history and his ability to find humor in unexpected places.

5. Are Far Side comics still popular today? Despite ceasing publication in 1995, Far Side comics continue to enjoy a dedicated fan base and have left an indelible mark on popular culture. Larson’s unique blend of humor and creativity ensures that his comics remain timeless classics cherished by readers of all ages.

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